Rand Vargas

Big, bald, and full of punching.


Open the book.
I will walk you over to your daughter-
“No, you won’t."


Rand Vargas was a young mage in the Rankan Empire, who had to hide his abilities due to the Rankan Army’s hate for magic.

As he was growing up, his mother always wanted him to be special, but he could never achieve anything incredible. So, he decided to cheat. Rand summoned a demon and made a bargain for knowledge and power. In so doing, Rand made a mistake, and sealed the demon Koroboros, the harbinger of knowledge and chaos, within his body, held inside him by ever-changing magical tattoos.

Along with Koroboros is a voice whose name has not been given, and whose ability to take control of Rand’s body has resulted in a string of grisly murders. Rand got his power and knowledge, but at a deadly cost.

Now he wants to free himself, and claim the power of those who subjugated him. But when one of the voices won’t even give Rand his name, the magics involved get much more complicated. In fact, Rand has a sneaking suspicion that the second voice isn’t even a demon, but is instead something much more troubling.

Now, two decades later, Rand and his daughter Amelia have travelled to the city of Sanctuary, to seek their fortune, to atone for past sins, and to free them both from the darkness that pursues them.

Rand Vargas

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