Friend in a Moderately High Place


Ischade has gone far in life. Further than one might have expected from the challenges thrown her way by the gods.

She first grew to prominence as a slave soldier in the regiment of Rankan dignitary Victus, where she rose to the rank of captain and was well decorated for her service.

As no good deed can ever go unpunished, neither can a distinguished career. Ischade was in time removed from service due to slight Rankan point about not allowing women to serve in its military. The very idea!

We might never know why or how Ischade was taken in to serve as protection in the most successful Brothel on the Street of Red Lanterns, but it was from here that she was headhunted to fill the sudden vacancy as Captain of the City Watch’s Third Guardtower.


“Where does your loyalty lie?"
“With my employer.”


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