Tempus Thales

Legendary Rankan general, head of the City Watch.


Tempus is a big man, just shy of seven feet tall. He has long blond hair and blocky, heavy features. He generally wears a short beard, neatly trimmed. He prefers to wear armor wherever he goes and is rarely without a Trôs horse. He does not talk much, and when he does it’s often in a condescending fashion.

Don’t look into his eyes.


The legend goes that Tempus was born many many years ago in Azehur. He was next in line for the throne, and had everything a young man could possibly want. What happened next is unclear. It had something to do with wizards, because Tempus still holds a grudge against all mages. He left Azehur, and wandered the world for a time as a mercenary of great skill.

Some time after that, Vashanka found him. The Rankan Goddess of War made Tempus her servant and avatar, and granted him speed, strength, and extraordinary healing in exchange for his service. He has fought for Vashanka for centuries; during the Ranke-Ilsigi War, Tempus was on the front lines of every engagement. And, a short while after the Rankan Prince Kadakithis came to Sanctuary, Tempus followed.

Tempus came to Sanctuary at Vashanka’s bidding, to see the temple built in her name and the rival Ilsigi gods weakened and destroyed. He is now in charge of the city watch and utterly bored. There is no one who can best him, and no new war or challenge brews on the horizon. There is only this city and its lawlessness. He will master it as he has mastered everything that has come before him.

Tempus Thales

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