The Crime Lord: Boss of the Hawk-Masks


Jubal is slight man. You would not notice him if you passed him on the street, with his fine features and delicate stature. He does not look like the shadowy figure who inspires terror in the streets of Sanctuary until you look closer.

His dark skin is crisscrossed with a multitude of scars from the arenas and also from his early days on the streets. His fingers, callused and used to hard work, are constantly in motion as he speaks. Don’t pay too much attention to them, mind, or he’ll take your purse quick as blinking.


Sanctuary is a city of second chances, and no one knows this better than Jubal. Raised as a slave, and then sold to the gladiatorial arena as a joke given his scrawny stature, no one expected Jubal to live. He did more than that.

Jubal proved himself in the ring. He was undefeated as a gladiator, and grew so popular that finally the Rankan Emperor granted Jubal his freedom. But, of course, if he stayed in Ranke, he would always be known as a former slave and an ex- gladiator. So Jubal went to Sanctuary. He tried his hand as a sellsword, but found that crime suited him better. With the wealth from his fighting days, Jubal began to employ a select group of people and together they became thieves, drug dealers, slavers, and smugglers

And business was good—soon, Jubal was hiring others to do the stealing and dealing for him. He hired several sellswords to serve as muscle, and before long, he had an empire.
Things were going well for Jubal up until Prince Kadakithis showed up. Before, he never had a problem witht the Governors; they could be bought and sold like anyone else.

However, Tempus Thales is a different matter, and his guards are not intimidated. They are quick to beat the snot out of any of Jubal’s men. Worse, hawk-masks are dying all over the city, brutally murdered and hung on display. It seems Jubal’s days as the reigning lord of crime might be coming to a close.


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