S'Danzo working as a barmaid in the Vulgar Unicorn


An attractive woman, Deshavi has thick black hair and dark eyes that are always lined with an unseemly amount of kohl. With proud, strong features, she is subject to a lot of attention in the Tavern, which she seems to enjoy, but anyone who steps too far out of line finds themselves regretting it.

Though not necessarily immediately.

She’ll tell your fortune, if you ask her nicely, though if you’re looking for that sort of thing she prefers that you come to Caravan Square during the day.

Here, Deshavi’s appearance is quite different. Though she is young and lovely, with the dark hair and swarthy skin of her mother’s people, Deshavi dresses in heavy skirts and heavier makeup that makes her look more like an aged crone. This is to convince clients that she is old and wise, and thieves that she is grizzled and unappealing.

If she really likes you, she might even tell you the truth of what she sees.


Wouldn’t do to give it all away, now would it?


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