Mr. Thaddeus Sinclair

Demolitions "Expert", Adventure Capitalist.


A thin, mild mannered man who brings to mind a scholar or clerk. Standing just under 5 foot 11, with short brown hair and blue eyes, Mr. Sinclair is a man adept at fitting into the background. However, do not let his quiet manner deceive, for behind his wry sense of humour and rugged clothing, there is the mind of steel.

Mr. Sinclair is a mercenary, security consultant, and self styled demolitions expert. He has a strong personal code that conforms to few so called “laws” but demands that he support his friends and always try to hold up his side of a deal. Mr. Sinclair hopes that the city of Sanctuary will allow him the opportunity to build up a network of like minded individuals, enabling him to live the life of luxury he knows he is destined for.


Mr. Thaddeus Sinclair

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